I’m Moving to NYC: What About My Furniture?

From Dumbo Moving and Storage

When moving to NYC, there are many costs to consider. You may find yourself weighing the costs of moving the existing furniture you already own across country versus the costs of selling existing furniture and buying new items in New York. Assuming that you ultimately decide to buy your furniture in NYC, this guide may be useful in giving you some clues regarding how to go about it. Tips will be provided for accommodating any furniture budget.

If you aren’t particularly picky, if you enjoy a retro look, and/or if you are on a tight budget, you might consider looking at some thrift stores for your furniture as well as other household items. There are many thrift shops in all boroughs of NYC. Look up what is near you and call in advance to ensure that the particular shop stocks furniture; many also have kitchen items which you may be looking for in addition. While you can certainly save a lot of money buying at a thrift shop, you should be aware that they generally will not offer you any type of shipping option, so be prepared to get your stuff home yourself. With the money you save, it might be possible for you to rent a van or a truck (or even a car, depending on what you’re buying) for the day.

Another route for those on a budget would be craigslist.com. You can often find a large variety of items, many for very very cheap, on cragslist. Oftentimes people are moving themselves and are in a rush to get rid of their stuff; in these instances you can really walk away with some steals. Keep in mind once again that like thrift shops, most sellers on craigslist require you to transport the items yourself. Also keep in mind that photos can be deceiving, and going to each and every seller you locate on cragslist, if the items end up not working out when you see them in person, can be incredibly time consuming. Finally, keep in mind that most sellers are operating independently, not out of any type of retail location, and therefore probably have no way of accepting credit cards as payment. Be prepared with cash.

You can also look into more traditional furniture stores. Of course, New York City has a huge variety of furniture retailers suited to fit a wide range of budgets. Unlike thrift stores and craigslist sellers, most all furniture retailers will offer you some sort of delivery option. You would be very lucky to find a store offering free delivery, however. Most stores will charge for the delivery of their products and will only deliver within a certain range. Therefore, do try and locate a retailer close to your new home. Another very important consideration is that you often have to wait, anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, for delivery of your items. This is because most furniture stores have items on display that are only floor samples. The actual item you will receive comes from a warehouse which may or may not have the item in stock, and may or may not be in New York state. For this reason, it is an excellent idea, if you want to furnish your home immediately, to make a trip to NYC anywhere from 1-2 months prior to your move. During your trip you can pick out your furniture and arrange with the store to deliver it on or around your move-in date.

Finally, you might consider buying from shops which sell furniture but are not necessarily furniture shops. These stores can provide benefits because, for one thing, they will usually sell you the item you choose right off the floor. For another thing, they tend to carry discounted furniture from furniture retailers. They may or may not provide delivery services. These stores include TJ Maxx, World Market, and others. Stores such as Target and Kmart usually sell furniture that you put together yourself.

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